13 Questions All Home Buyers Should Consider

13 Questions All Home Buyers Should Consider

An Introduction to Home Buying

For most people buying a home will be the biggest purchase they ever make.  The process is complex and can be long and frustrating if you are not prepared.  Our goal is to educate you on the process and what is expected of you as the home buyer. 

Here is a list of main points and questions that should get your full attention: 

  1. Know your finances – What is my gross monthly income? How is my credit? 

  1. Get pre-approved/pre-qualified – Do I qualify? Find an experienced, highly qualified and licensed loan originator to learn what mortgage loan options are available to you. 

  1. Down Payment – How much & where is it going to come from? 

  1. Closing costs – How much are they & who will pay them? 

  1. Selecting a Real Estate Agent – What are the best ways to find a good agent?  Do I need one? 

  1. Shopping for a house – What factors do I need to consider in my search? 

  1. Making an Offer – What price do I offer & how do I best negotiate the terms of the sale? 

  1. Under Contract – What do I need to be doing while I am waiting for my closing date? 

  1. Inspections – Do I need them?  What types do I need? 

  1. Appraisal – Who does it?  Who pays for it?  What does it mean? 

  1. Title – Does the seller actually own the house?  What is title insurance? 

  1. Loan Approval – When does this happen?  Who decides? 

  1. Closing – How & when does closing happen? 

This list can seem overwhelming.  Family and friends may all have opinions about the process.  Ask people you trust for referrals or questions about the process and their experiences. But be very careful to do your own research.  Everyone has an opinion, and it is not out of the ordinary for someone you trust to be misinformed or biased based on their own experiences or lack thereof.   

 Attached is a comprehensive guide for you titled Buying a Home.  In this guide, you will find answers to many of your questions and the questions featured above.  In addition to the Buying a Home guide, our loan officers are a great resource to answer your questions and explain the home buying process. 

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